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ღ How to wear contact lenses ? ღ

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Detailed instructions on how to put on soft contact lenses

 *When handling your contact lenses, remember to be gentle. There is never a reason to be rough or forceful with contact lenses. Gentle handling is your best defense against damage to both the lens and your eye.*

  • Always work over a clean surface. You do not want the lens to get lost or contaminated if it accidentally drops.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly. Liquid soap is the most effective because it contains fewer oils. You want to avoid certain soaps with extra perfume or moisturizers (like aloe). Extra moisturizes can coat up on your lens over time. We recommend products such as Clear Ivory, Ocusoft and Optimum soaps.
Washing your hands will prevent infections
  • Dry your hands with a lint-free towel.
  • Have a mirror, if you need a good mirror, you will find a wide selection here. magnifying mirror
  • Relax, it is ok to take a break if you find yourself getting frustrated. It can be stressful, learning to put on lenses, however, once you get the hang of it, handling lenses becomes extremely easy. So relax and have fun with it. 
Remove only one lens from the case at a time
open contact lens case
  • Get in the habit of always starting with the same eye first. For example, if you are right handed, start with your right lens for your right eye.
  • Open only one side of the case and remove the lens. By keeping one side of the lens case open and the other closed it will prevent mixing up your lenses.
  • Gently remove the lens from the case. Don't dig the lens out, as this may tear or damage it. Rather, you may gently pour it out or dab it with your finger. Remember, always be gentle, there is never a reason to be forceful with a contact lens.
  • Check to make sure your lens is not inside out
    • One way to tell if a lens is inside out is by the shape of the edges. An inside out lens will have the flat profile of a pasta plate, where the edges flare outward. When a lens is oriented properly, it will resemble a bowl, the edges will appear rounded.
    Side by side comparision of a contact lens that is correct vs. one that is inside out.
    (Notice on the lens seated correctly the very top edge is curved upward, like a bowl. When a soft lens is inverted inside out, the top edge flares outward a bit. The extent of this difference varies from one type of lens to another.)
    Rinse the lens with fresh clean solution. You should always use the same solution that we recommended for your lenses and eyes.
    Inserting the lens, Key points to remember:
    • GENTLY placing the lens on the eye will work. It does not get pressed, shoved, or pushed on.
    • Keep your eyes wide open; a lens can not go on through your lids.
    • Have the lens completely balanced with all edges off your finger. If the lens gets knocked over, it will not easily release from your finger.

    Putting on Your Contact lens

    *The following directions are for a right handed person, if you are more comfortable using your left hand, please do so.
    • Balance the clean lens on your right index finger. All edges must be up.
    • Use your left hand to hold your upper lid open. Reach from overhead; gently hold your upper lid and lashes against your brow. If you don't have a strong tendency to blink you may not need to hold your upper lashes out of the way.
    • Use your right middle finger to gently hold your lower lid out of the way.
    • Move your chin down towards your chest, and continue to look in the mirror (so your eye is looking upward towards the mirror).
    • You should now have an upward glance. Notice all the white of the eye that is exposed when this position is held correctly.
    • Gently place the lens between the lids and on the eye. The lens can be placed anywhere on the eye at this point.
    • Don't force the lens on. Keep your eyes open and stay relaxed.
    • The lens must clear all your lids and lashes, so when it reaches the eye, it is still properly balanced on your finger.
    • Once on the eye, gently slide the contact towards the cornea (over the colored area of your eye)
    • Don't close your eyes yet! Your almost there.
    • Slowly take your finger straight back, keeping your eyes open.
    • Gently let go of your lids, look downward towards the floor.
    • Slowly close your eyes.
    • Open your eyes and see clearly

    Congratulations! You just put on your contact lens.

    Repeat for the other eye. Everything is the same with the other eye, except you are working on the other side of your nose. Many people find it comfortable to use the same hands to put on both lenses, this is a personal preference. You do whatever feels most comfortable. 




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